Global Education/Development Education

Development education helps people learn about issues such as poverty or sustainability. We believe that everyone should have opportunities to understand the global challenges we face and develop the capabilities to create a more just and sustainable world. 

“My Water, Shared Water”, 2008

The main purpose of this global education initiative was to inform residents of Nowy Sacz about the needs of developing countries and the progress being made towards the Millennium Development Goals. Particular attention was paid to Goal 7 which focuses on environmental protection and access to potable water. The awareness-raising campaign targeted youth in middle and high schools in Nowy Sacz and included several activities.

“Tractor for Kenya”, 2007

The project goal was to encourage inhabitants of Nowy Sacz to contribute in a small way to improving life in a small village in Kenya.  Therewere 4 phases in the project:

“There isn’t any water in the desert”, 2008

This global education program for elementary school students in Poland focused on the problem of access to drinkable water and resulted in the creation of educational materials for teachers.

“School Safari”, 2007

This global education program for elementary school students in Malopolska region focused on Kenya and resulted in didactic materials for teachers and an interactive website. 


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